Thursday, May 24, 2018

Spotlight post on Longfin CEO

Hi again all-
Short Vol can been pretty much cruising since 2/5, again such a shame that you would be right in every product except the inverse ones. UVXY is around 11 as of writing this which was pretty close to where your short call strikes could be going into Feb. Again its all about duration, theta vs gamma, so going forward I'm trying to lean more to the lower gamma vs higher theta.
In the other trades I'm trying to add some short TLT delta on these pops, on 5/23 and 5/24 so far.

For today though, I wanted to share with everyone the glorious case study that is the Longfin $LFIN CEO, Venkat Meenavalli.

 I was talking to someone at work about crypto (they're a crypto bull and I was trying to put my flashlight on the path for them) and I was reminiscing about this LFIN CEO interview on CNBC last year which was just incredible. 

He came on the show to explain how his newly listed company was buying his own subsidiary company with a 'blockchain' component, the stock spiked and as he was explaining how crazy the valuation was it was tanking in real time.  Just an incredible moment to be alive.

Anyway, I was furiously trying to search youtube to find that original video, and when searching for "LFIN CEO, CNBC, etc", the only thing coming up was a new video on the same program from this year, where he goes on again after the company share price lost 90% and was being investigated by the SEC.

I'm not even sure which order to suggest watching them in , but

Here is the FIRST and SECOND.

Again I'm really trying to not just post trade journals, even though those are the Twitter posts that get follows and posts like this guaranteed lose follows.  I started writing these blogs to share with the few of you what really hits me in finance and markets, and this just seemed like the exact kind of thing I set out to talk/yell/muse about.  I really think these are the kind of clips that will be amazing historically, like the Greenspan "I  was wrong", everything interview in the dotcom era, etc. 

Let me know if anyone reads these and cares for these 'highlight' posts, basically the kind of thing I would be jumping back and forth from conversationally when talking about crypto, markets ,etc.

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