Monday, March 20, 2017

Hello World!

There is plenty of content on options trading and general volatility, but I find a lack of pure short volatility discussion (in all environments), as well as volatility discussion in a holistic sense.  How is short volatility a metaphor for life? What deeper discussion can we get instead of posting the same VIX chart?

I’m Robert, I’m in my 20’s in a full time job and I’ve been investing/trading for a couple of years, with a heavy focus on VIX products within the last year.  I was tired of seeing the same 3 posts on and I really wanted to find a new path and breathe the mountain air.
I hope to start a real discussion on how market volatility and options is at the core of the human condition.  If you’ve felt unsatisfied by reading sites that just post a snipping tool of a trade or a chart, and really want to wax poetic about the deeper journey there, then welcome aboard!

This blog might be for you if any of these scratches one of your itches:

-Options/derivatives/VIX (obviously)

-Hyperbole, meandering metaphors
-Taking things way out of context
-Poker, chess, game theory, pot odds
-“I know the market is 100% rigged, but how do I profit?”

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